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Annuities and Insurance Company Risk
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Personally I don't like annuities because I can't see putting a large chuck of my money in any single company. Even if you split the annuities among several high quality companies, you still have the insurance company industry risk. What I'm not sure about is how to view insurance company risk. For example, I would never split a large chunk of my money among several high quality corporate bonds all in the same industry. Is having several annuities akin to this?
I know AM Best and others rate insurance companies, but I'm used to thinking about bond ratings. In the bottom line, is the risk of the annuity no better than the issuing company's bond rating? I know insurance companies are regulated so perhaps policy holders come before bond holders in the pecking order. Also, maybe the regulators can reduce the risk that insurance companies fail by limiting risky investments (you have to believe we learned from 2008 to believe this). Maybe someone knowledgable in this area can add here, particularly about the pecking order in the event of failure.

Any help will be apprecited.

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